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Gain a Competitive Advantage

Reduce costs and increase sales with powerful digital solutions.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses increase sales, while reducing engineering waste. Our combination of industry experience and cutting-edge software has made us a manufacturers secret weapon. Find out how part data enters the system to become a powerful boost for business.


Sales and Marketing

Increase Leads and Sales with online configurable digital product catalogs with CAD download technology, ensuring components get “designed-in” to products and projects.

Learn more about Digital Parts Catalogs:

  • Provide ability for customers to configure your products on the fly
  • True native CAD output in 150 formats
  • Highest quality 3D viewer with universal compatibility
  • Seamless embedded web integration
  • Exposure on 70+ online engineering portals


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Engineering and Purchasing

Reduce Costs with centralized standard parts management systems which make it easy for design teams to find, reuse, and control your standard, supplier and proprietary parts.

Learn more about Standard Parts Management:

  • Reduce costs permanently and effectively
  • Classification initiatives are automated and accelerated
  • Duplicate parts are found and eliminated
  • Engineering data easily accessed with powerful search
  • More freedom for design and innovation


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