Get instant access to the ASME B18 standard with the 3D CAD fastener library for ASME B18.24 standards. Quickly find, configure and download CAD models of ASME B18.24 standard fasteners. Now available under license from SAI Global.

Millions of fastener configurations at your fingertips! 

  • 3D fastener configuration
  • Instant native CAD access
  • Automatic part number lookup
  • ASME licensed B18 digital catalog

CADENAS PARTsolutions is the only provider of the ASME B18.24 3D CAD fastener library platform with distribution by SAI Global, provider of the standards management platform.

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ASME 3D CAD Fastener Library and Catalog

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This interactive tool is a great time saver for anyone involved in specifying, using, or simply understanding ASME fasteners and the new 18 digit PIN code system. The Catalog can be used as a handy desktop reference by anyone, or used as a powerful addition to your Engineering department with the ability to automatically provide the CAD model for any fastener. License the ASME B18.24 3D CAD Fastener Library for your design team and start saving hundreds engineering hours.

Key Features:

  • Decipher and existing 18 digit PIN into a complete description of every characteristic; just paste in your PIN.
  • Configure a new fastener and PIN by selecting all the possible features and options.
  • Provide 3D dynamic visualization of any fastener
  • Assign material and finish properties
  • Automatically get a native CAD model of any fastener in virtually any CAD system, 2D views or 3D models. Even graphics formats for documents and illustrations can be created.

About the ASME B18 Digital Fastener Library

Collaboration between ASME and CADENAS PARTsolutions has resulted in the new B18 Digital Fastener Catalog for defining and understanding fasteners. This software reduces several painstaking manual tasks to a few point-and-click selections. The Catalog runs completely independent of any CAD system. However, the catalog itself can produce the 3D solid model of any fastener in virtually any native CAD format. This completely automates the processes for specifying the fasteners, and even building the CAD models for them. The Digital Catalog was upgraded in 2008 to include the B18.24a addenda.

Background of B18.24

In 2005, ASME announced the new B18.24-2004 part identifying number (PIN) code system standard for industrial fasteners. The standard was released in June, 2005, and then adopted for use by the Department of Defense in August 2005. The standard is also approved by the American National Standards Institute. There was a addenda released in 2007 titled B18.24a-2006. The new B18.24 defines PIN codes for over 700 different types of fasteners, including screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins/dowels, keys, retaining rings, rivets, and SEMS (screw and washer assemblies). The PINs used in the standard have been changed from the 21-digit system used in multiple previous versions to the new 18-digit format, without any loss of information. This new B18.24 now replaces the existing B18.24.1, B18.24.2, and B18.24.3

CADENAS PARTsolutions is the exclusive provider of the ASME B18.24 Fasterner Standard in digital catalog platform with distribution by SAI Global provider of the standards management platform.


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