Intuitive Automatic Classification

With PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management the classification process is streamlined and simplified into an easy to use package.

With PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management you get the benefits of a major classification initiative, without the time and labor. Enable your engineers to find parts their way by describing their attributes and selecting upon specific key criteria.

Standard Parts Management and Traditional Classification are two very different approaches to address a major problem facing manufacturers and design teams. More and more companies are moving their product portfolio to a “platform”, and standardization, along with a robust reuse strategy, is mission critical for success. Whether you are looking to organize commercial parts, standard parts or internal parts, PARTsolutions SPM platform places your digital parts at your engineer’s fingertips.

Google vs. The Library Bookshelf

Why is it easier to find a document on Google than it is within your local library? The library is perfectly organized, using the Dewey decimal system to neatly sort and classify each document, while Google has little organization, querying trillions of pieces of information for the right document.

This is because Google search is designed around how people think. Humans are not wired to think in the Dewey decimal system. Humans prefer to find things, by describing their attributes and selecting upon specific criteria. Google has to search through a much larger pool of data, yet their results are faster, more accurate and more up-to-date than that of the library.

Data Drives Reuse

Businesses need to organize their parts data, by eliminating duplicates and obsolete parts. This will reduce the volume of parts in engineering, manufacturing and business systems, helping engineers make better specification decisions in less time. There are experienced consulting services, who can quickly accomplish this task in a cost effective way. By employing standard part management technology, they will ensure a reduced total cost of ownership in the future. The ability to easily search and find information is the inspiration behind Standard Parts Management (SPM). SPM is to Google as Classification is to the Dewey Decimal system. SPM is a modern way to quickly and accurately find data in a “human” interface.

Until now, the only way to achieve a “successful” reuse strategy was to implement an enterprise wide part classification system. These labor intensive initiatives attempt to organize parts by a clearly defined set of criteria, creating a nomenclature and organizational hierarchy required to “drill-down” and find the needed part. Aside from being a heavy-lift for any organization, it the classification processneeds to continually be re-applied to every new part which enters the system. With PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management the classification process is streamlined and simplified into an easy to use package.


Strategic Parts Management (SPM) Advantages vs Traditional Classification:

  • No need to physically maintain data with SPM
  • Subsequent parts coming into the ecosystem follows defined rule set with SPM
  • The folder structure is not critical since SPM gets the searchable data from the parts, PLM, ERP, and other data
  • Low implementation and maintenance cost with SPM
  • No complex hierarchy, attribute definition and taxonomy required with SPM