CAD Parts Re-Use

A key to lowering costs associated with designing manufactured products hinges on an engineering team’s ability to find and efficiently re-use parts that already exist in their ecosystem. To do this, manufacturers must have a well-organized catalog of digital parts for engineers to draw from. CADENAS PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management platform enables manufacturers to dynamically search, sort and find parts for re-use based on a vast array of data points.

Data Enables Parts Re-Use

Data is what enables parts re-use, but accessing data is often a challenge. In order to have a successful reuse strategy, companies must have a flexible system for finding parts in many different ways. That’s where CADENAS PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management (SPM) comes into play. Searching for digital parts to re-use becomes easy and intuitive. In addition to the physical features of the part, the designer can search by vendor, availability, price or any other available meta data for the a part.

Whether you are looking to organize commercial parts, standard parts or internal parts, PARTsolutions SPM platform places your digital parts at your engineer’s fingertips.

Benefits of Parts Re-Use

  • Reduce overall design time
  • Foster value-added design working on designs that matter
  • Speed-up product development & time to market
  • Let your parts suppliers keep your parts current
  • Gain purchasing power