Project Description

Hub City Online Part Catalog

Hub City, a leading manufacturer of gear drives, gearmotors and related power transmission components, has web-enabled its product line in a searchable 3D digital catalog to enhance the design experience and increase sales of Hiub City products and associated components.

Hub City’s online solution now includes a Power Transmission Products Configurator and Product Search. The comprehensive online product search capability enables customers to find products based on specifications, features and sizes. Even specific part numbers, UPC numbers or SKU numbers can be found easily. Users can start with what they know and narrow the search by selecting parameters. The tool easily guides a design engineer to the specific preferred component for his or her application and then provides ratings tables, dimension sheets and CAD files in the native format they need.

In addition, PARTsolutions employed advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that popular search engines can now guide users directly to Hub City products by simply by entering a part number. Behind the scenes, the PARTsolutions Administrative Tools allow Hub City to maintain and edit the underlying product database in real time and keep their power transmission products configurator, search tool, and web site constantly up to date with their product changes and improvements.

Lastly, PARTsolutions has made it possible for users to automatically mate the correct motor to their selected Hub City drive. Adding a digital synergy between Hub City and other Regal divisions.

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