3D PDF Data Sheets

Grant access of your digital product data to more than just CAD users. With live 3D PDF data, everyone is on on the action.

Customers need your product data, but they don’t always have CAD access. Providing 3D CAD downloads is a fantastic way to reach more engineers and get specified into their designs but, what happens when those engineers need to share data with colleagues outside of the engineering department? By providing the capability for users to also generate custom, branded 3D PDF data sheets for configured products, engineers can now share product data with the purchasing department. This ensures procurement team has all of the information they need to purchase the right part from the right manufacturer.

Industrial Manufacturers: We found out why Engineers hate your website, its your digital customer experience

The data in our recent engineering survey punctuates a manufacturer’s need to provide configured, 3D PDF data sheets to their customers. We surveyed thousands of engineers at more than 500 companies, from all of the the United States. We asked them “When searching for supplier parts online, which of the following are most important to your part selection experience?” 50% of respondents said downloadable 3D PDF data sheets were important for their buying decision.

Help engineers share your configured product data with their entire team using configurable PDF data sheets as part of your digital catalog solution. No CAD application required to share interactive previews. All they need is Acrobat reader to get full 3D product data.