Data Syndication Tools for Manufacturers

Share your digital product data throughout your sales and distribution network

Are you a manufacturer with a sales and distribution network? Expand your effectiveness and reach, share your digital product configurator with other sites using the data syndication platform. It’s a win-win-win for your company, your distributors and all of your clients.

Easily push viewer and product data to external sites, gaining exposure and increasing sales

Data Syndication - Easily push viewer and product data to external sites, gaining exposure and increasing sales

How it works:

Once the online cad models are within digital part catalog platform, manufacturers can easily share the data on their partner sites. CADENAS PARTsolutions will work with the distributor to embed the same powerful 3D part configurator within their website, enabling their visitors access to the same 3D CAD models.

Lead Routing:

a key driver for any online part catalog is its ability to drive leads for manufacturer’s, how these leads are routed is up to the Manufacturer (who owns the catalog) and can be done in various ways. Normally, the leads from the distributor site will be sent to the manufacturer for routing to appropriate distributor. This way the manufacturer is able to track their leads and make sure they have visibility to the follow up process.

Other Content Data Syndication Options :

Sharing data via distributor sites is not the only method of “content syndication,” provided by CADENAS PARTsolutions. Other content syndication methods include:

  • Native CAD on Web: Your website powered with 3D CAD
  • Distributors: Share your configurator and catalog on your distributor websites
  • Mobile: Share data with mobile users via the CADENAS PARTsolutions 3D CAD app
  • Social: Share data via with social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
  • 3D PDF: the best way to share data with users who do not have CAD access, like purchasing.
  • Enterprise Systems: Share data to OEM’s via the PARTsolutions desktop app and get spec’d into major design projects
  • Print: Old-school sharing. Use your eCatalog to quickly and accurately generate your print catalog
  • Offline Media: Share the entire catalog with users via USB or DVD. Now they can access all of your parts from “behind the firewall”