Boost Revenue with More Qualified Sales Leads

Unleash the power of your digital part models to generate highly qualified sales leads

When you provide digital part models on your website, engineers can configure and download them for their designs, virtually specifying your part into their design. If the process is implemented correctly, 85% of those part downloads convert to a sale. Increase your website effectiveness and let it do the work for you by generating fresh sales leads when engineers to download your digital part models.


At PARTsolutions, that’s what we help you do.

Engineers don’t want to flip through your thick print catalog, call your support line or wait for drawings to be emailed to them. They definitely don’t want to spend hours redrawing parts they purchase or trying to decipher part number to a complex configuration. They need a fast, simple way to get online, find the part they need, put it in their design and order it.

We can help you get there with a online sales configurator for your parts and products. Here’s how it works: We help you set it up your website so that Designers and Engineers register for access to download your models and product data. Then we help you provide the highest quality models in more than 150 formats, engineers will love you for it. Each download is a qualified lead, which is valuable data you can share with your sales team and distribution network.