The easiest way to configure and specify authorized 3D Industry Standards

Authorized 3D industry standard catalogs enable design teams to quickly create and deploy the most accurate digital part models for their designs

Upgrade your standards from paper or PDF to the digital formats your engineers need. Help your design team save time and money while building flexibility and accuracy into their designs.


  • 3D digital models instead of paper or PDF
  • Parts that are easily searchable and “findable”
  • Ability to configure exact parts based on the SDO rules
  • Dynamic part number generation for configured items
  • Native parts available for every major CAD system


  • Reduced modeling and design cycle times
  • Improved engineering productivity
  • Elimination of duplicated effort and rework
  • Assurance of quality through the use of authorized CAD models
  • Increased consistency in parts used on projects
  • Greater accuracy in bills of materials

Our industry standard catalogs of 3D fasteners help design teams save thousands of hours. Quickly find, configure and download the exact standard part you need in over 150 CAD formats.

3D Parts Catalog

Available Digital Industry Standard Catalogs:

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