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Streamlining Engineering and Procurement Processes to Save Millions

That's What We Do.

We help engineering and design teams classify, find and spec the parts they need to keep business moving.

The goal of your engineering team is to quickly and accurately design the best product possible. Searching and hunting for parts isn’t part of the plan, and it accounts for big costs. We help engineering teams classify, find and spec parts for their designs, reducing costs and getting products out-the-door faster.

BOM_built-inCAD Parts Re-use

We give you the power to achieve maximum savings potential within in your Engineering process. By streamlining the design process through standardization, we enable you to achieve optimal efficiency by making it easy for your teams to find, reuse and control standard commercial parts as well as internal standard parts. Learn more

Classification Initiatives

We help you achieve the benefits of a major classification initiative without the time, expense and headache. Our team works with you to clearly define, sort and classify your parts in a fraction with the help of our powerful tools. Once in place, the system will automatically maintain your part library, whether you use PLM or not, preserving part integrity now and into the future. Learn more

Engineering Standardization that Works

We help you standardize and streamline engineering processes by helping your team chose the correct part the first time, saving millions in the process. By setting up our collaborative online supplier portal we enable you to optimize communication with internal teams, subcontractors and external service providers. Learn more

Engineering Procurement Systems

We streamline and unify the purchasing and engineering processes for manufacturers. Enabling better communication and easier part selection within the design process. Economies of scale are created by giving the purchasing department visibility and influence on the parts specified early in the process. Learn more